May 19, 2006

Three Apologists Every Christian Should Know

The next issue of Areopagus Journal (due out in a week or two) will highlight the contribution of three 20th-century men to the field of apologetics (the rational defense of the Christian faith). These three men are C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and Alvin Plantinga.

These men are significantly different in their aproaches to apologetics, as well as in their various intellectual skills. Yet, in their own way, they have made a huge impact on the Christian church and on our culture. Of course, there are many other contemporary apologists we could have highlighted in this journal issue. We did not select these three because we agree with everything they wrote. We don't. These were selected because, without doubt, they have had the greatest overall influence on the field--Lewis and Schaeffer primarily at the popular level, and Plantinga at the academic level.

I hope that you will order a copy of the journal and read about these giants of the faith. You can order Areopagus Journal at: