Dec 7, 2006

Should the Qur'an be Used for an Oath of Office?

Recently elected Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) is a Muslim, and he wants to use the Qur'an and not the Bible to take his oath of office. Take a look at the editorial posted on Doug Groothuis' blog responding to this issue which outlines the problems with Ellison's request and the potential cultural disaster that could result if it is granted. Groothuis' blog is found at:

Dec 1, 2006

Will Muslims Take Over the World?

I have been reading a facinating and troubling book entitled America Alone by Mark Steyn. The thesis of he book is that within a few decades at most America will be standing alone against a fascist Islamic empire that encompasses not only the Middle East and a lot of Asia, but most of Europe as well. This empire will not come about by military force. It will come about because Muslim immigrants will take over many European countries from the inside.

The possibility for this Islamic conquest has arisen because, while the Muslim birth rate in these European countries is high (and their populations growing), the birth rates of the native French, Italians, Germans, Spanish, etc., is in serious decline--in fact the birth rates in these countries is low enough to invite the possibility of the extinction of these European peoples.

Consider thre birth rate in the United States. Steyn reports that in the U.S., there are 2.1 births per woman--the level which demographers claim is barely sufficient for a stable population. In other words, Americans are having just enough children to replace those who die. If this rate of birth continues or increases a little, then America can escape an Islamic take-over from within. But, the birth rates among non-Muslims in these European nations is well below 2.1. They are in serious population decline. This also means that the native populations in Europe are getting "older"--there are more senior citizens compared to younger citizens. This forecasts economic disaster for these European welfare states before very long, with many of the younger Muslims (who will be in the majority soon) poised to seize control of the governments of these nations.

Charles Martel is turning over in his grave! What he did in 732 by defeating the Muslims at the Battle of Tours (preventing them from moving from Spain into central Europe), is being undone by the economic stupidity, political correctness, and self-indulgence of his descendants.

What can we do about this Muslim take-over of Europe and (possibly) the world? If Steyn is right, it is probably too late for Europe. "Eurabia" (as he calls it) is likely a foregone conclusion. And even if the Europeans could do something to prevent this disaster, they don't have the political guts to do it. As for America, we need to do two things. First, we need to educate people about this threat. We don't want to live in an Islamic theocracy. But that may lie down the road if we don't wake up. Second, we need to start having babies.

So, ladies and gentlemen, lisen up! Forget about that new house or new boat you want to buy. Forget about the dream vacations you can take when you're not saddled with children. Let go of your self-indulgent lifestyle! The common good is at stake here! Go home. Put on some romantic music. Turn the lights down low. Get into bed and start saving the world!