Dec 7, 2006

Should the Qur'an be Used for an Oath of Office?

Recently elected Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) is a Muslim, and he wants to use the Qur'an and not the Bible to take his oath of office. Take a look at the editorial posted on Doug Groothuis' blog responding to this issue which outlines the problems with Ellison's request and the potential cultural disaster that could result if it is granted. Groothuis' blog is found at:


Anonymous said...

Dr. Cowan,

I'd like to read your thoughts on the issue.

Since this is not a theocracy and we live in a pluralistic multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, what is wrong with his request? Why was there not a stink when the Bible was not used when a Jew was sworn into office?


Dr. Steve Cowan said...

In reply to diet coke mania, unless I am mistaken, every Jew who has been elected to Congress has taken his oath on the Bible (including the New Testament). As for why the request is wrong, that's why I encouraged readers to read the linked editorial.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the editorial on the other blathering blog. Look, other people have their own religions. Quit forcing Christ onto others. let them come taste of the lord on their own, quit trying to force it. Speak the gospels out loud, yes, but stop the coersion. Let them come of their own accord!

Let Muslims worship God in their own way with their own book. Why does it threaten your weak faith?

Let Hindoos use the Baghavad Gita. Let Taoists use the Tao Teh Ching. Let Buddhists use the Pali Scriptures. Let Indians swear by their Creator. They probably don't even need a book.

Is your faith in god so weak that you are scared by other religions?

Dr. Cowan you are showing a very cowardly Christian face. Sort of like supporting the war without fighting it.


Dr. Steve Cowan said...

To xyq,
It would at least have been polite to have actually read the original blog entry before resorting to name-calling. If you are still interested, the entry I refered to is found at Groothuis's cite under the date December 1, 2006.

For what it's worth, my concern over Ellison giving his oath on hte Koran has nothing whatever to do with my wanting to convert him to Christianity by force or any other means; and it has nothing to do with trying to prevent him from worshiping the false god "Allah" as he sees fit. It has everything to do with the rapid disintegration of American society under the rubric of political correctness.