Aug 20, 2007

Future Publications

To whom it may concern, I wanted to let you know about a couple of my writing projects that will be seeing publication in the near future (Lord willing). The Christian philosophy journal Philosophia Christi just accepted my article, “’It Would Have Been Good for that Man if He Had not Been Born’: Human Sinfulness and Hell as a Horrendous Evil." In this article, I argue against the claim that the traditional doctrine of hell constitutes a horrendous evil (an evil which would make the one who suffers it have a life that is not worth living) that calls into question the existence of God. Hopefully this article will be in print in a few months.

Also, Broadman-Holman just agreed to publish the introduction to philosophy text that James Spiegel (Taylor U) and I are currently writing. This book should be finished some time next Spring and then released early in 2009. We hope in this book to capture a niche in the market between the extremes of Christian philosophy texts that are broad in their coverage but superficial, and ones that are more indepth, but cover only a few topics. We also intend to aim at accessibility for an undergraduate audience.

Aug 3, 2007

Government, Justice, and Romney

A few weeks ago I posted on the Christian view of government and how it should and should not affect whether a Christian could vote for Mitt Romney for U.S. President. I just discovered an ariticle by Christian scholar John Mark Reynolds making the very same case, but much more thoroughly and effectively than me. I hope all Christians will heed his timely wisdom. Here's the link: