Aug 3, 2007

Government, Justice, and Romney

A few weeks ago I posted on the Christian view of government and how it should and should not affect whether a Christian could vote for Mitt Romney for U.S. President. I just discovered an ariticle by Christian scholar John Mark Reynolds making the very same case, but much more thoroughly and effectively than me. I hope all Christians will heed his timely wisdom. Here's the link:


Jeremy Conner said...

I'm a friend of Jason Snyders and he's mentioned you to me before concerning some interest I have in apologetics...all that to say that I found the link to your blog off of the SEBC site.

This article is absolutely incredible! I have never quite understood the way many of us as Christians vote - we often tie ourselves to a particular issue and refuse to vote for anyone who doesn't exactly agree with us on it, and in doing so indirectly help the least Christ-like of the candidates get elected! We won't vote for a candidate who's ideals are most like what we want because he is off on one issue (an issue that he really has little influence over anyways) and end up seeing a candidate who is extremely opposed to our way of thinking get elected because we failed to participate in the process.

Alex Marshall said...

Great article! I have really come to despise religiously motivated politics, this provides a very good alternative perspective that is not completely secular.