Jan 17, 2006

We Need Judge Alito Now!

Once again, an activist, liberal-leaning, life-hating Supreme Court has made the wrong ruling! Today, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Oregon law that permits physician-assisted suicide. Both Justices O'Conner and Kennedy, purported to be conservatives, sided with majority to perpetuate the culture of death that has prevailed in that state for several years now.

This decision, of course, is just part of the trend that Americans have had to live with for many years--the trend to move our society further and further away from commonsense moral values and a respect for the sanctity of human life. In 1973, they legalized abortion on demand. A couple of years ago, the court struck down all the nation's anti-sodomy laws, paving the way for the possibility of same-sex marriage down the road. A few months ago, they undermined one of our most basic liberties, the right to private property, by allowing cities to use the concept of public domain to take people's homes and sell them to private corporations to enhance the local economy. In many of the more recent cases, Justice O'Conner has been the deciding vote in very close 5-4 decisions by the court.

Fortunately, she is about to retire. And, Lord willing, Judge Samuel Alito will take her place and swing the balance of the court back in the direction of sanity. We need him and others like him on the Supreme Court now! He and Judge Roberts are long overdue!

The one good thing that came out of the court's decision today is that we all got to see Judge Robert's true colors--he joined Scalia and Thomas in desenting from the court's life-hating decision to allow Oregon doctors to continue killing human beings.


Joe B. Whitchurch said...

I could not agree more. If you would like a bit of humor on the subject, and if you are like me you could use some humor every now and then on this subject, check out my blog Puddleglum's Foot. Under the top post which links to Michelle Malkin's excellent critique of Hillary, there is a 'must see' flash item on Roberts and Alito that is funny and not profane. You'll like it. BTW, I found your blog from your bio on a very very cool new (or new to me) apologetics web site with Craig Branch. Great stuff friend. All the best!

Cedar Post said...

I agree, also. Ever since Francis Schaeffer described the progressive slide from abortion to infanticide to euthenasia, we have been watching it happen before our eyes.
God help us.