Aug 8, 2006

A Time for War

King Solomon in his masterwork Ecclesiastes (actually God's masterwork) wrote, "For everything there is a season." Among the things for which there is a season, he continued, there is a "time for war and a time for peace" (Eccl 3:8). I have come to believe in recent days that now is a time for war. No, I'm not talking about spiritual warfare--I'm talking about real, guns and bombs warfare.

In the last month, tha nation of Israel has been engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the terrorist army "Hezbollah." They are doing what any sane nation would do if attacked by such thugs. They are waging war to defend themselves and to secure a lasting and just peace. Yet, the cry from every corner it seems is that Israel must restrain herself. The U.N. and others are calling for a ceasefire, acting as if the worst possible scenario is further fighting and bloodshed. They are wrong. A worse outcome is a "peace" that is not just and not permanent. And this pseudo-peace will be the inevitable result if Israel does anything less than wipe Hezbollah from the face of the earth.

The pacifists and those who believe that "one man's terrorist is just another man's freedom-fighter" refuse to come to grips with the fact that there are people, organizations, and nations who are bound and determined by fanatical religious conviction to eradicate not only Israel from the Earth, but the U.S. and every other free nation as well. They have ipso facto declared war on all of us. There is no negotiating with them. There is no ceasefire possible with radical Islam--a religion of hate and violence. Any so-called ceasefire would only be an opportunity for them to reorganize and rearm and plot and plan more destruction.

I believe that the right course of action is for our government, and every other free government that is courageous enough to do it, to declare war on radical Islam. To vow to destroy and bring regime change any organization or nation that has cried "death to America" or harbors or supports Islamist terrrorism in any way. This means Hezbollah. This mean Syria. This means Iran.

It is a time for war.

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joni said...

War has never, i repeat never solved anything. it may keep a few people from dying now but others will die instead. the teachings of jesus are clear and i presume you are aware of them, no condescension implied. i continue to be peaceful in the treatment of myself and others. romans 12, be notovercome of evil, but overcome evil with good. live peaceably with all men.romans 13 love is the fulfilling of the law.14, follow after the things which make for peace.
believing in peace is not about pacifism it is about following the teachings of Jesus. may you have peace in your life. thank you