Oct 10, 2007

Dawkins-Lennox Debate

Last week, a debate was held at the University of Alabama-Birmingham between atheist Richard Dawkins and Christian theist John Lennox, both of Oxford University. Though the format was less than ideal, it was still a lively and worthwhile exchange. You can order CDs or DVDs of the debate from Fixed Point Ministries (www.fixed-point.org). Also, the next issue of Areopagus Journal, the apologetics magazine that I edit for the Apologetics Resource Center, will feature a column discussing the debate and adding some arguments and responses to Dawkins that could have been made by Lennox if time had permitted. You can order Areopagus Journal at www.arcapologetics.org.


Frank said...

The audio can be downloaded from Dawkins website as well. I'm sure the final cleaned up copies from Fixed Point will be worth purchasing but in the mean time, then can be found here

Anonymous said...

I thought Lennox did a very good job. My running notes on the debate are at my website, www.sciligion.org .


nethy said...

I thought that Richard Dawkins did a terrible job.
He would have dome a lot beter simply to quote his book.