Jul 17, 2008

Obama, Politics, and Facts

Check out the link below to a column by renowed economist Tom Sowell who comments on some of Barrack Obama's political views on such things as the minimum wage and capital gains taxes, and how they are contradicted by hard, economic facts. Enlightening. . .


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Daniel Robertson said...

Dr. C,

Interesting article. I too am perplexed by Obama's plan for "change". That is why we should have put Ron Paul in office! If McCain is elected and passes away, I dont know if we can handle Palin as President. She's got roots in the Assemblies of God!! You know those crazy pentecostals and their "Charismatic Chaos"!! Any ways I hope your doing well and you REALLY need to come see Pete Rollins when he comes to Disciples fellowship. Pete is a philosopher and he is "becoming Christian". He is an incredible thinker within the emerging church and I love what he has to say. You however may disagree with him on more than a few things. Nonetheless, I would love to hear your thoughts on his! I wasnt able to enroll this semester but I hope to see you soon!

Daniel Robertson