Oct 21, 2008

Concerns about Obama

The election is only two weks away and it stilllooks like Barack Obamahas a good chance to become he next US president. Those who know me know that I think that prospect is just about the worst thing that could happen to this country politically. Some of the reasons why I think this have been highlighted recently in some blog posts by Christian philosopher Doug Geivett on his blog. Two things that Doug highlights are: (1) the suspicions that many of us have that Obama has marxist leanings, suspicions actually confirmed by Obama's frequent lunch companion James Pethokoukis, professor at the University of Chicago; and (2) the worry that Obama isn't up to the task of dealing with America's enemies, a worry greatly exacerbated yesterday by his own running mate, Senator Joe Biden! Biden actually said in no uncertain terms that our enemies will be emboldened to "test" Obama because they peceive him as a dove--which means that Biden thinks that an Obama presidency actually increases the risk of terrorist attacks (or worse) on Amiercan soil. I encourage my readers to look at Doug's blog enties on these topics, found at the following links:



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