Jul 19, 2013

Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices - Part 3

Device 3: By extenuating and lessening the sin. Satan often tells us that the sin we are tempted to commit is only a small one, or one that our circumstances somehow mitigate its seriousness.

For remedies consider that. . .
1. Sin which men account small brings God wrath on men.
2. Giving way to a less sin makes way for the committing of a greater sin.
3. It is sad to stand with [against] God for a trifle.
4. Often there is most danger in the smallest sins.
5. The saints have chosen to suffer greatly rather than commit the least sin.
6. The soul can never stand under the guilt and weight of sin when God [impresses it] upon the soul.
7. There is more evil in the least sin than in the greatest affliction [because even the least sin was laid upon Jesus at the cross].

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