Jul 28, 2010

Federal Judge Issues Injunction on Arizona Immigration Law

Today a Federal Judge decided in favor of the Obama administration and issued an injunction to halt enforcement of the most controversial features of the immigration law recently passed by the Arizona legislature (read about it here). The law requires that people stopped by police for other legitimate reasons can be asked about their immigration status if police suspect they are illegal immigrants. The injunction places a hold on the law until other courts can decide its constitutionality.

The injunction is patently absurd since the law does nothing more than allow police to enforce federal laws already on the books. Moreover, the injunction is an egregious encroachment on states' rights, using unconstitutional federal power to prevent a state from protecting its citizens.

Some Arizona sheriffs have vowed to enforce the Arizona law despite the injunction. To them, I say "Hurrah!" More power to them. My advice to the Arizona governor and legislature is to publicly repudiate the injunction and exercise their constitutional right to nullify federal laws and rulings they deem to be unconstitutional violations of the 10th Amendment (which this injunction is). The time is now to put an end to the blatant over-reach of the federal government in the last 100 years!

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