Jul 30, 2010

Nullification is the Solution

The more I read and study constitutional law and politics, the more convinced I am becoming that the best solution to contemporary federal tyranny, is the practice of nullification. This is an old and venerable strategy of state governments which believe that federal laws and policies are unconstitutional (which usually means that they are overstepping the bounds of their enumerated powers). In nullification, the state government simply declares the federal law unconstitutional, ignoring and refusing to obey or enforce it.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison advocated nullification in their famous Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions in the face of John Adams' Alien and Sedition Act. They called upon states to reject the requirements of the Act. In recent times, states have forgotten this strategy, but modern libertarians are trying to bring it back as the best and most efficient way of resisting the ever-expanding power of the federal government. Derek Sheriff has recently written and editorial outlining some of these efforts and explaining the importance of convincing our state governments of its contitutionality and usefulness. You can read his article here. I encourage all freedom-loving people to read more about it and contact your state legislators to let them know that you want them to use the strategy of nullification. You can also visit the Tenth Amendment Center and NullifyNow websites to learn more:



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